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elevate your case with forensic linguistics



Expert linguistic analysis conducted on a wide variety of document types and written communications.



Linguistic analyses are summarized in straightforward, quality reports. Knowledge of linguistics is not necessary to understand the contents of the report.



Linguistic expertise strengthens your case by assessing evidence with cost-effective methods. Linguistics does not require a laboratory or computer savvy witnesses.

Authorship Attribution

Determine whether a set of documents was written by the same or different authors & create an author’s profile based on their use of language.

Threat Assessment

Assess the possible likelihood of an author or speaker acting on their threatening communications.

Deception Detection

Determine the truthfulness of written & spoken statements and detecting disguise in anonymous communications.

Copyright & Trademark

Use linguistic analysis to strengthen your opinion for copyright and trademark infringement cases.

About Us

Sarah Carlson received a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics from Brigham Young University in 2021, followed by a Master of Science in sociolinguistics from Georgetown University in 2023. Her research focused on detecting disguise in anonymized criminal communication, particularly in written communication such as ransom notes, threats, and many other document types. This research includes groundbreaking work in devising a system of analysis to detect disguise, even when the author of a text is unknown. She has conducted analyses on hundreds of documents from a great variety of regions of the United States and United Kingdom. 

Experience You Can Trust

We provide services that are backed up by years of training under some of the best linguists in the United States. Our analytical methodologies are reliable and easily explained, which increases favorability in court. 

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